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Who We Are

C2S’s focus is on designing solutions in the areas of temperature / humidity and containment for critical environments. All of our innovations have been from listening to our clients, using our knowledge of physics and construction and keeping an inquisitive mindset to push the boundaries to find new solutions.

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Clients were looking for a flexible wall and ceiling solution for their Critical Environments, some to keep contamination out of their manufacturing, others to keep their products contained.

Our patented innovation – ALUMA1

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Grow Optimum

In the new industry of Cannabis Cultivation, there are many opportunities to provide the close tolerance Temperature & Humidity Control to match your vapor pressure deficit (VPD) requirements and save energy as you dehumidify with the plant transpiration rates. Again, this is just physics, in a real-world application.

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Smart Hepa

The HEPA Fan Filter Module market is exploding with choices, however none that allowed for the real-world requirements of external static pressure in an installation, not the “free air” conditions they are tested at, and the ability of 2-Way communication, allowing remote monitoring and setpoint adjustment.

Our innovation - SMARTHEPA

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Smart Critical

smartCRITICAL is a platform for integrating the information critical to the operation of your controlled environment. We are in development of beta systems.

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SmartHEPA Showcased at 2018 AHR Expo

The Cleanroom industry’s smartest, most efficient and regulatory compliant hepa fan filter module will be showcased at the world’s largest HVACR marketplace, The AHR Expo.

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ALUMA1’s ‘Truly Flexible’ Cleanroom System Showcased at INTERPHEX 2018

When designing a cleanroom, it’s crucial to ensure that it’s not only efficient and meets regulatory compliance today, but is also adaptable for the future.

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growOPTIMUM Exhibits At U.S. Cannabis Conference

The premier South Florida HVAC company and an industry leader in design/build of cannabis facilities will be exhibiting together.

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